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Welcome to AgroNarmada Seeds (ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company)

High Quality Seeds

AgroNarmada Seeds take responsibility to supply high quality seeds to farmers as it is our first goal towards achieving sustainable growth in agriculture. Quality seed is crucial input in crop production and key to successful agriculture progress. It is proven that quality seed has higher returns per unit area as the genetic potential of the crop can be fully exploited through it. High quality seed makes fast and uniform seedling emergence with vigorous growth, uniform plant population and maturity. It is estimated that good quality seeds of improved varieties can contribute up to 25% increase in yield.

NexGen Varieties & Hybrids

AgroNarmada is engaged actively in Research and Development activities of various crops for providing improved next generation varieties and hybrids to the farming community. Our main focus is on developing high yielding varieties and hybrids suitable for changing climate scenario.
We keep working on providing superior cultivars with more stable production and higher tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress factors. Improved varieties are essential for raising crop yield, thus ensuring food security, proper nutrition and prosperity for not only farmers but also growing population.
AgroNarmada team also considered the consumer preferences, current market demand and speculated markets for developing new products.

Trustworthy Partnership

We give “Promise of Prosperity” to farmers by providing quality products. Hence our end users are always happy with our services and products. AgroNarmada Seeds is always happy in building partnership for research with National and International Research Institutes.

AgroNarmada is definitely getting success in fulfilling promise of prosperity to the farmers around the globe.

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