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Onion Phule Samarth


Phule Samarth is improved Red onion variety suitable for Kharif and Late Kharif seasons. Bulbs are Shiny Dark Red with Globular in shape. Good storage capacity compared to other fresh market onion varieties. It has controlled vegetative growth coupled with rapid bulb development with natural foliage fall and thin bulb neck. High yield potential for Kharif and late Kharif season in India.

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  • Season: Kharif and Late Kharif
  • Sowing time: June to July and August to September
  • Bulb Colour: Shiny Dark red
  • Bulb Shape: Globular
  • Bulb Weight: 95 to 105 gm.
  • Maturity: Early maturity (90 to 100 days after transplanting)
  • Yield: 280 to 300 qtl./ha.
  • Storage: Excellent keeping quality (2 to 3 months)
  • Moderately resistant to purple blotch and thrips
  • Controlled vegetative growth coupled with rapid bulb development
  • Natural foliage fall, thin bulb neck
  • High yield potential for regular and late Kharif season in India

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Weight 1000 g
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